Update about life!

Hey everyone! I am back. after a while stop writing about something interesting. Yes, something interesting about my life. Life been so amazing, if you guys are my followers on instagram, you guys must have seen lots of things happening though. Lots of new experiences, new knowledges in cooking and baking stuffs and of course in living in India as well.

Most people have always asked me, “so Nita, how’s life in India?” so yes here I will share my life in India.. currently I am staying in Mumbai, India. We just shifted to the new house on February 2019. Shifting house, oh I can’t tell you, how tiring it was! Yet, a happy feelings and happy vibes and of course more spacious too. Living life here in India, I am still adjusting. Yes please marker and make it bold “adjusting” like it will be forever I guess haha.. but India is incredible. I love how India drives me till today. I became more independent in life, I became more responsible, more humble, more and more learning in something. And also, I am quite busy on my business as well, if you are new followers, hey hello! @vinita.official (on instagram) you can check , for all Indian collections that are so beautiful and we shipping to all over the world specially right now I am selling to Indonesia.

So ya, Me and my hubby are so good, we just celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary as well on February 22nd then we celebrated at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, India. So, these days so many things happening for the attending event, Nike event with the campaign of bra can be used for gym and we must have that confidence while wearing it and its just a wow! then Daniel Wellington event, Sephora with Nudestix brand, and so on…

You know what, I love staying in India because as per se comparing with Indonesia, India is way more cheaper for the fruits, foods, etc except for the properties. And also, all the people drives me to become more hard worker and push me to another level. That energy made me something! The bloggers that I met, oh wow they are just too gorgeous. Their way of thinking, the fashion style that they carried, just too good. How I experienced met lots of new people and I am just too happy with them! Met new people, new experiences, new spirit and of course like what I always say, learning something.

So, I guess that’s it. Here are some of the pictures that happening in my life and I want to share with you guys too!

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