JAIPUR Trip, One of India’s Best Tourism Place!

In front of Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Hello, Jaipur! Namaskar!

Finally, I could have time to explore another place in India, which is Jaipur. Jaipur is a small city in India that is famous with jewellery and stones stuffs like that. Not only that, it is famous also as palace and also blue poetry and hand painted in walls, jewelerries and so on. I really love this city in which I can explore more and also the city is not big so we can really save our time to explore the tourism places. On this picture, I was in front of Hawa Mahal, beautiful place with lots of windows. This window has a function which at long long time ago, all the people who working in the palace could see the festival that was going on the street through all those windows, so pretty, isn’t it? You guys could see some beautiful handcrafts items also along the way this road, its really beautiful place for shopping and make sure that you guys have to bargain because the shop keeper will make the items higher than actual price. Cut the half price first then after that you guys can bargain each other.


So here is my Jaipur Squad friends! Lini with her daughter, Emily and also Laura with her son, Joshua. And of course me, with two handsome guidances, haha! just kidding! of course me alone because we are only Mommies with the kids if we have kids. We spent all the good and bad together here. But mostly all is the good ones, not the bad ones. On the picture, we were in Royal City Palace, where you can see the real King who still staying there. But, for that we have to pay 2500 rupee extra for the foreigner which means around 500.000 IDR (Indonesian rupiah) or around 37$ for 1 foreigner. And because we brought 1 photographer from Jaipur, it means local people we have to pay for her around 2000 rupee extra and also the enterance tickets for each persons around 500 rupee equal with 100.000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) . We wanted to see what it looks like inside because not all the people want to buy the tickets extra for that one. Here it is, I am gonna share with you all from inside.

Blue Prottery Hand Painted

Royal City Palace, Jaipur, Rajashtan, India

This is one of 4 buildings that is available to see once you guys visit Royal City Palace. Can you guys imagine, this beautiful hand painting painted by local people there using vegetables materials. How beautiful those painting and I really love it. This is located in 3rd floor. On 1st floor, we couldn’t capture anything because Royal King still stay there and we got noticed before entering the Palace that we couldn’t capture anything for the first floor. They shown us how beautiful hand painted wall using vegetables material, real gold pattern as well. They shown also the trophies that kingdom has achieved till now. The reign King is 18 years old and he is still studying abroad country. I feel like when you are in holiday, you gain more knowledge and knowledge about the history because I believe that we live right now because of the history.

Here is another spot which is in 2nd floor, we could wear the turban that local photographer offered to us. But, it is stinky anyway. LOL! But ya, for the totality of picture i did it. Its really beautiful place with lots of real gold painted that shown on the wall. They used this place for praying in certain event such as Diwali celebration.

Here is the 4th floor which we could see all the mirrors there. Usually first you came there, they will closed all the doors and showing the reflections of the mirror because of the light from the candles. How beautiful this place! All mirror works on the wall with gold material as well. U will love this place so much!

And this picture is from 5th floor of the building. How beautiful because even we could see the City Palace from this spot. We could see how big and beautiful this entire City Palace. We even could see the buildings where local people who working with Royal City Palace stay. Oh yah, anyway on this picture my ootd is hat from Top Man, Earrings I think from Forever21, Top White Zara, Pants I forgot, watch from Daniel Wellington India, banjara bag @vinitaolshop (instagram) . And of course, the picture was taken by talented girl, Nupur Agarwal, you guys may check her instagram (@nupur_agarwal_photography)


Here is Amer Fort, the building that is one of famous place for tourists as well as shooting serial. If you guys a bollywood or tellywood lovers, you guys must know about this place. Amer Fort is very huge even you guys need almost whole day for spending time here. I suggest you guys if you want to visit Amer Fort, come in very early morning around 8 am so you guys will not feel so hot. Between March, April, May the weather is very very hot. If it is not because my friend Lini go back to Germany, we prefer come not in this month (April 2017). In Amer Fort we have to pay the ticket as well, I forgot how much but its not that much expensive and ya, ticket for local (Indian) with us is much much different. Then, here you guys can enjoy the elephants ride as well but I didn’t make it due to the time, we had to leave from Amer Fort around 9.45 am. So many good spots for clicking picture, if you want to see more about Jaipur, I will link my youtube vlogs here on down below.


Next is Birla Temple. We could take picture only in outside of the temple. We couldn’t take it from inside because the temple is inside only. For suggestion, when you want to come here dont wear white outfit because almost all the building is white colour. Entering here is free no cost but we have to release the sandals and paid them in around 20 rupees only.


Another fav spot for clicking picture is Caffè Palladio. Its beautiful resto with all hand-painted wall surrounded us. FYI, if you guys want to come there, better come in around 7pm otherwise it would be like us, we came around 5.30pm and the resto still close so we just ordered some light foods only. But for the foods, it was pretty good. I love the ambiences as well.


ITC Rajputana Hotel, Jaipur. I love this hotel as well. First we came, the will offer us some juices that for the healthiness. Then after that, we will wait for the room and the interior, foods, everything is very good. They have shops as well so we can see some of the stuffs there. Price for 1 room is around 15000 rupee (equal with 3milion rupiah / 250$) . One of recommended hotel because there is a swimming pool as well. In the night around 7pm we can see the Jaipur Traditional dance nearby the pool area. So many tourists specially western people come there and chill with their friends and family.

Oh ya, when you visit Jaipur, don’t forget to buy their blue pottery as well. There are so many varieties there that you can choose for your home furnitures.

I love my trip to Jaipur and deff will come back again very soon. Don’t forget also you guys have to see their jeweleries collections because it is famous of silver and golds.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to message / email me on info@nitasofiani.com

Here is my Jaipur Vlogs, I hope you can enjoy, just click on this link :


Thank you so much and I’ll see you guys in my next blogs! 🙂

Details :

Kurti set from @vinitaolshop (instagram)

Photography : Nupur Agarwal Photography, instagram : @nupur_agarwal_photography . Local Photographer in Jaipur, Rajashtan, India

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