Indonesia’s Election in Mumbai, India

Every 5 years, Indonesia do the election system to choose the new President and also Vice President. This year, the candidate for President, no.1 , there is Mr. Jokowi Widodo that already became our President for the past 5 years with his Vice President , Mr. Ma’ruf Amin . And the other hand, there is candidate no.2 , Mr. Prabowo Subiyanto and Vice President, Mr. Sandiaga Uno. As a citizen of Indonesia, we must use our voice to choose who will become the next 5 years as President and Vice President in Indonesia. In Indonesia and some of the other countries, the election starts on April 17th, 2019 but in Mumbai, we started on April 14th, 2019. I met lots of people that I have never met before at Consulate General Republic of Indonesia, it means that almost all the Indonesian citizen who lives in Mumbai and area of Mumbai used their voice rather than choosing as “golput” . I believe every person has their power to choose the best president for the better Indonesia.

In Mumbai, it was started at 10 am in the morning but I came like around 12.30pm. I was in the no 50 and I got 2 papers for choosing the President and also the party for the Indonesian Legislative. After choosing the candidate, we put ink on our finger to shown proof that we have chosen / we call it “nyoblos” for the president and the party for Indonesian Legislative. Then, we clicked some pictures on photo booth section with background of Mumbai’s Gateway of India.

We enjoyed Indonesian foods as well, chicken satay with rice, noodles. We met other Indonesian friends as well, shared the moment together. So, ya that’s all about my election’s sharing moment. Hope you guys like it! I’ll be sharing some pictures as well here. Happy Weekend!

Jokowi Widodo, Ma’ruf Amin, Prabowo Subianto, Sandiaga Uno
with wife of Consulate General Republic of Indonesia
Indonesian ladies in Mumbai, India

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