Indonesian lives in Mumbai, Kitty party time!

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blogs!

Trying to always update my life so you guys know what’s happening with me in Mumbai, India. Don’t be afraid, don’t worry, everything is just fine and happy here. Adjusting, remember that word? Yes I am still adjusting by living in this amazing country, India.

So, just about last week, I had last kitty party celebration with my fellow friends from Indonesia that staying in Mumbai. So, here is the thing.. We give 5000 rupees or equal with like around 1.000.000 IDR every month, we will have 1 box / glass for shuffling with all the members that joining the kitty party, whoever names that came out from the box / glass, she can bring all the total money from the members that joining. Fun, isn’t it? I feel like we save the money and we can use that money for investment or for our business as well. Whoever wins, she has to be the next host for the kitty party. Nevertheless, no need to be worry as all of us must bring the foods that will be matched with the main course that would be served by the host, so whoever the host will not feel burden to serve all the foods preparation. The length of kitty party really depends of how many members are joining at that time. We made this kitty party because we want to always keep meeting each other and do silaturahmi with Indonesian that staying in Mumbai, India.

So ya, here are the beautiful moment that we had last week, earlier April 2019. Last kitty party was the Wife Consulate General of Indonesia, Mrs. Iskandar that became the host. Amazing foods, all Indonesian foods and super yummy! So ya, always feel home even way far from home, Indonesia..

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