Indian Eid Collections by Vinita.Official

Hi everyone! welcome back to my web blog. Eid Mubarak is coming and I am so happy that I could share with you guys my Eid Collections by Vinita Collections. These all are gorgeous pieces and looking so pretty also awesome. You know right how beautiful Indian fabrics are. Can’t wait to share with you all and also, Please make sure that this all is available by Pre Order, we are sending all over the world and specially Indonesia. For my Indonesian followers, do not be worry, all Pre Order can be delivered to you by May 7th, 2019 , hand-carry system from India! All sizes can be done, from extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, double or triple or even more large.. so don’t worry, we want to make your Eid Mubarak moment so special!

So ya, here are the gorgeous pieces from Vinita, more collections please check our instagram :

Hope you guys like it! XD

The collections video in real! 🙂

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