Groceries and Home Living shopping in Mumbai or India! Let’s check it out..



Hi everyone, its been long time I missed my blog post. At this time, I’ll share my experiences about everything that I know and I am so excited to share with you all here. Some of you must be confused while reaching or visit India so did I. I was confused and literally wanted to explore more about India but ya, due to i am staying in Mumbai and New Delhi, so I’ll share all the info that I know about Mumbai and New Delhi..

First, all about Mumbai for groceries shopping!

India is one of the country that online users, so everything is about online. If you want to buy groceries and you want to just be at home, being a coach potato, then you must check this out!

  1. Big Bazar –

Everything you need are here. whatever you want for groceries things, you will find out so easy here. There are some options for the payment as well, you can do it for “cash and delivery” , paytm, net banking and so on

2. Nature Basket –

Same like big bazaar, Nature Basket is also providing all the things that you want, but in quite expensive price as they sold some products from outside country as well. for me, if it is not urgent, I prefer not to buy from Nature Basket (sorry). But the good thing is if you are an organic products holic, you will find the organic spices and products so easy

3. Food Hall –

Same like Nature Basket, the price in food hall is quite expensive rather than other supermarket. But food hall is not always in every corner of your house or nearby your place, it is usually always be inside the mall, like big malls. You can enjoy some foods as well here as they have small food court inside there

4. Hypercity (as I know, it is only in Mumbai) –

Hypercity is quite different with others as it is a huge supermarket that provides everything that you want. If you know Carefour in some countries, Hypercity is quite similar with it. In Mumbai, they only have 2 shop location. First in Malad, nearby In Orbit Mall, second in Viviana Mall, Thane. When you come there, I suggest you to better bring some notes what to buy rather than not because everything is tempting and you feel like want to purchase everything there

5. Local market

When you are in India, don’t worry because everything is there. Even the local market has their own call so you guys can be so easy just call and drop your orders then they will deliver to your home safely. Usually they have minimum orders for delivery to your home, its like only 500 rupees minimum.

That’s what I know about groceries shopping in Mumbai, if you have some other places, please kindly submit on the comments below!

6. Crawford Market – traditional market

I am Indonesian and I need to eat something that I want in Indonesian foods so Crawford market is one of them. It is sold so many groceries things that you need. You tell then they will provide. But becarfull, do not buy shampoo and soaps from there as they sold fake items. Not only that, they sold some makeup kajal also in fake stuffs, so just becareful. But the rest, you name it and they mostly will have it. It is located quite far from my home, it is at South Mumbai. you guys may check on google as well.


  1. Pepperfry –
  2. Urban Ladder – 
  3. Home Centre by Lifestyle –

So, thats all. Please kindly submit your comments or ideas regarding my blog post and will see you again very soon on my next post! Hope its useful for you all..

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