Exploring Mumbai! :D

Hi guys, been so busy these days so I didnt post much pictures on website. So, 1 weeks already I stayed in Mumbai, before I was staying in Delhi. From Delhi to Mumbai we have to use plane and it takes 2 hours for reaching there. I love Mumbai much more from Delhi (sorry to say). Why? Because Mumbai is not much traffic than Delhi. Love everything here and the vibes as well. Feeling like I could do something here someday!

Anyway, I am so excited because Vin, my lovely hubby, yes yes my beloved hubby got the new show! The TV Serial will be shown in Zee TV and name of the serial is Vishkanya! Now he is so busy for doing the shooting and I just want the best for him and projects, hopefully get BIG RATING as well! Here I share the link on youtube!

Ok, now moving to my story about exploring Mumbai! Actually I haven’t explored all but some famous places I did. Yesterday, I visited some beautiful places used Ola Cab which I think it was easy to book by mobile phone applications. But after a while we went to some kilometers, the owner of the car offered us to just pay around 1800 rupees for 3 stops and he suggested some beautiful places to visit. First, we just thought that we went to The Gate of India in Mumbai, but he offered me another additional places to be visited. Then ok, we agreed and we had to pay the mobile applications which was automatically shown on mobile app. Our first stop was Taraporewala Aquarium. One person costs 120 rupees. I didn’t feel like enjoy much because we couldn’t take pictures inside. The security people inside really noticed what we were doing inside when did sight seeing. I just took around 10 minutes inside to see around the aquarium.


Then we continue the journey to the art museum, I forgot the name of museum, same like before I couldn’t take some pictures but I took some pictures outside the museum. It was very good buildings like heritage buildings and I felt like in Europe! (hahaha, even I have never been to Europe before, but saw some good pictures from people that visited Europe already! :P) But here, at least we took some selfies pictures and here it is!


Then we went to Gateway of India in Mumbai. The location in Maharashtra.



According to Wikipedia,  The Gateway of India is a monument built during the 20th century in Mumbai City of Maharashtra state in Western India. It is located on the waterfront in the Apollo Bunder area in South Mumbai and overlooks the Arabian Sea. The structure is a basaltarch, 26 metres (85 feet) high. It lies at the end of Chhatrapati Shivaji Marg at the water’s edge in Mumbai Harbour. It was a crude jetty used by the fishing community which was later renovated and used as a landing place for British governors and other prominent people. In earlier times, it would have been the first structure that visitors arriving by boat in Mumbai would have seen. The Gateway has also been referred to as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai, and is the city’s top tourist attraction. The India Gate in New Delhi is similar to the Gateway of India in Mumbai. The structure was erected to commemorate the landing of King George V andQueen Mary at Apollo Bunder, when they visited India in 1911. Built in Indo-Saracenic style, the foundation stone for the Gateway of India was laid on 31 March 1911. The final design of George Wittet was sanctioned in 1914 and the construction of the monument was completed in 1924. The Gateway was later the ceremonial entrance to India for Viceroys and the new Governors of Bombay. It served to allow entry and access to India.

The monument has witnessed three terror attacks from the beginning of the 21st century; twice in 2003 and it was also the disembarkation point in 2008 when four gunmen attacked the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower.

Opposite Gateway of India, there are 2 Taj Buildings, the old and new ones.

Old Taj Mahal Hotel


This is the new Taj Mahal Hotel



So many tourists coming there just for taking pictures, we just spent there around 20 minutes. Entering there we have to queue in security check, like usual there are boys and girls parts. Its free for coming to Gateway of India. Some of photographers will offer us for clicking some pictures and print out direct there. It just 60 rupees only 1 picture.

Then, we went to one restaurants! Love the food, its Italian restaurant. Not that expensive, normal price for pizza! 😀




At the same day in the night, my friend who I never expected is here, she is Miss Earth Mauritius 2013, Virginie Dorza . We texted through facebook then we planned to meet up the day after that. We made appointment around 3.30 PM in Oberoi Mall, Goregaon East. The mall is really close with my apartment where I am staying right now. Just 5 minutes using car! We chose Coffee Day Global Limited for our meeting. The place was good and cozy, price is ok, we ordered 3 coffee and 2 vanila milkshakes like 1010 rupees. Nice coffee, cozy places, nice talks with good people! She came with her Dad and Mom, me with Mom Krishna. It was so happy to see her again finally after almost 2.5 years not meeting each other after the Miss Earth 2013 pageants. Let me share why we could become a friend, so, in 2013 we met each other in Miss Earth 2013, it was a happy moment which I could meet 88 different countries around the world. Virginie was my 1st friend because we met each other from the first time. She was very nice and until now she is not different at all. She is working as flight attendant now for Mauritius Air. It was a happy time to see her around here with her family. They were really enjoyed the moment staying here. She is one year younger than me and she is so sweet, have smiling face and a kind heart. We talked and shared about past things like how was the journey in Mumbai, what she did when she became Miss Earth Mauritius 2013 etc. So its just 1.5 hours talks and they had to move as soon as possible because tomorrow they are leaving early in the mornig. So hopefully we could meet again later and I really really enjoyed meeting you guys! 🙂




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