Craving the best seafood in town! BASTIAN Resto, Bandra, Mumbai India

Who doesn’t like foods? I think all of u have same thought with me that we do love foods and of course delicious food. This time, I will share with you one of the best resto in Mumbai that I have come. This resto has given you the best seafood in town with the best chef from USA!

In afternoon time, U will see the different kind of menus. I came with my friend to have some seafoods but then when we came in the menu was different! The waiter told us that the menu that they served us in the afternoon exactly different with the dinner time. So, in the afternoon or we can say lunch time, they serve salads and bowl kind of foods. So many different kind of foods that we can eat with rice, salmon, tuna, beef, or if you guys are vegetarian, they have some vegetarian menus as well.

Me and my friend, Yudith tried their beef salad with tuna and salmon rice bowl. It was perfect! To be honest, even you eat in asian resto, somehow they put some kind of indian spices inside but this one, you will feel exactly same only. It is so yummy!

Happy tummy, happy us!

Then we moved out to Bandra Cafe which they have good coffee and dessert. They have one special room as well that they keep for sisha.

In a meanwhile, at the same day, My hubby came to pick me and we decided to come back to Bastian as I told him that they served the seafood only at night time. So we came back around 7pm and they had open for dinner time!

We chose crab without shells and shrimps (2times) with something flavour (i forgot) and mantau as well. All is so yummy, so good, so perfect. The flavour sooo good and we really love it so much! The price is quite expensive but worth to eat!

There you go, here is the pictures of our foods!

This is the bill, you may times with 208 rupiah / IDR. so approx around 1.6mio rupiah.

So, that’s all about my best experiences eating seafood in town, and for me this is the best! Thank you Chef Kevin for making such a good food. See you on my next blog.




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